How to Transfer Google+ Local Reviews

google-revieGoogle is now truly coming out with new update which turns out to be blessings for businesses which have relocated or planning for it. Recently Google has allowed moving reviews from one Google map listing to another depending upon certain protocols.

Many businesses used to think that it will hamper their brand and be disastrous for their business, if they decided to relocate or move. The primary challenge that they faced was how to transfer the reviews from their original map listing to a new map listing – it was as stressful as starting a new business altogether. However, Now Google will move your reviews to a new map listing and merge it based on the following criteria:

As Jade Wang announced in a Google Business Help thread,

We will transfer reviews from an old location of a business to a new location of business in many cases. We will not always transfer these reviews if the business goes through a significant rebrand.

However, Google will not move your reviews if

  • You are going through a significant brand change
  • You are entirely changing the services you provided, for example, you are turning into a multi-cuisine restaurant from being just Italian cuisine restaurant.
  • You or your partner decides to leave the collaboration to start their new venture.

The reviews will still be moved if you are making some changes in your name without making changes in the services provided by you – For Example, if you are changing your name Dasha’s Dry Cleaner to Dasha’s Super Dry Cleaner, then your old reviews will be eligible to get merged with new map listing.

It is important to note here that if your business closes, the reviews will not be removed in that case and will remain attached to closed listing.

Review Transfer Request Form

Google will automatically move reviews if you meet the aforementioned criteria. In case you meet the criteria and your reviews are not moved yet, then you can use Review Transfer Request Form to request Google to move your reviews.

I hope this information will help you in retaining your old listing reviews when you decide to relocate. According to me these positive changes brought by Google will make relocating a business a lot easier and stress free.