14 Digital Marketing Strategies For Startups

Startups have never been so easy for anyone, whether it’s on a small or a large scale. And you also might have marketing strategies developed beforehand to make it a good start.

But here we are talking about digital marketing which is gaining everyone’s attention nowadays. Digital marketing strategies are the one which might give your business a nice push to get on the track.

Although, strategies are ultimate solutions to it, but wait! Here the condition applies that only if you have effective strategies to work upon, then only it is applicable. Likewise, some effective digital marketing strategies are mentioned below to help you in your startup which can open the doors of success for you.

#1. Build a network with online influencers in your industry

For any startup, the first question that comes to anyone’s mind by default will be ‘How am I going to make networks?’ As making networks are the basic steps for any business to let people know about the existence of the company.

If you like socializing and surfing, bang on! You have chosen the correct field to work upon, where you can connect your interest with your work. And if you don’t, you should better switch your active mode on. Keep liking, sharing blogs and post of your follower, download stuff with friends, and comment on their post. These activities will make your existence clearer to people and you will be more noticeable than before.

This will also help you multiply your networks from one to many.

#2. Grow your email and lead list


If you don’t have a list of subscribers or contacts for your business in your email list, there you missing out!

We all know that convincing person is not at all an easy task for anyone. But if you get success in involving them with your company in different ways, then you hold the right track. Keep people engaged with different tactics like the contest or any reward for signing up, this will motivate them to give their precious time in return.

#3. Publish higher value content for subscribers

No one remembers each and every site visited in a day or in a week. And that won’t even make a bit of difference to them because they will always have another option available. It’s only you who is going to suffer.

So you need to keep people reminded of your company by uploading fresh new contents and specifications so that people go through it. By doing this they will connect your company with their past memory.

If you found out any source or site where people visit the most, you can upload your contents on those sites other than your own. This way, people will notify you directly or indirectly.

#4. Leverage other bigger audience with guest posting

It’s never a bad idea to leverage other blogger’s audience and taking reviews as guest posts. It helps you in making contacts from various fields and areas.

And if you grab the opportunity and convert it into effective strategies, customers of other bloggers can also become your customers too.

Guest posting is one of that factor, which can make your company a center of attraction in the online world.

#5. Publish industry specific contents regularly

Is there anyone who doesn’t want their company to be famous without even paying for it? Obviously not… the only and only thing that will make your company famous without paying is to keep publishing the blogs and news related to your company in a timely manner. This will also help people to get more updated about the fresh news of the company.

#6. Keep leads warm


To make your subscriber feel engaged with you and to make them feel special, timely email surprising offers, and other newsletters, these are the best ways to make them more involved with the company.

Every person likes to feel special or important. To make your subscriber feel the same, you can send them birthday wishes or e-cards. This will attract them more towards your company with an emotional touch.

#7. Utilizing in social media

Today social media has become a place from where people get to know each other or contact each other. So it’s the best platform to utilize, grow your networks and make a separate identity for your company.

Look for good networks. Share your contents with them and with others. Also, share their contents and start with small. This will gradually help you to cope up with the speed.

#8. Get listed in online directories

There is no doubt that making your company visible to your target audience is not an easy task. Also reaching the right and targeted audience is a challenge for every startup and there you need to jump on to some decision.

What if you get a platform where you will find only your targeted customers who are also in search of you? Isn’t it a win-win situation, where you and your customers both are interested in each other?

There are many online directories where you can list your business according to our market niche. Let’s say you own a restaurant business, you can register your restaurant’s name and details in online directories such as Zomato, Trip Advisor, Google My Business, etc. So it will become easy for customers to find you.

#9. Use viral features to stretch your budget further


Is there any way to tell people to get your company viral among their social groups? If you tell them directly, no one is interested in helping you in your business by compromising their precious time unless it’s your family. You need to follow some strategies to get it done.

Time is a very crucial factor while deciding to approach anyone or reach anyone, even in our day to day life. Same goes for digital marketing, it is very important to give your message to your customer at a very right time.

Let’s say you have delivered your service to the customers and they are involved in your service having quite good experience, that’s the perfect time to give your shot! You can ask them for reviews or you can give them some offers like ‘suggest a friend for our service and get 30% discount in next service’. In this way, you can extend your business and side by side keeping customers happy too.

#10. Think beyond Ad words

Ad words are really expensive if you are at the starting stage of making the audience. It might make your business famous but investment on Ad words is the real question here. In starting of any business you will try to reduce the cost as much as possible.

So instead of Ad words, there are various options to save your money and do something more creative. Like content marketing, creative and attractive landing pages, Ads somewhere else, are the various options to save your money and do something different without much investment.

#11. Create a remarkable customer experience

‘First impression is the last impression’ is what exactly happens in the digital world. If people had a good experience with you, your blogs, or any of your business related factor, they will definitely come back to read again. But if they had the bad experience at even a single point of time, they will never land to your page. So treating customers well and keeping them involved is a very important part of marketing strategies.

#12. Define a unique spark for your brand and its promise


Promises are meant to be kept, even when it’s your customer on the other side. Every brand or company has a unique image in the mind of customers. If you do not continue to keep promises, I assure you it’s the worst downfall for your company.

That differentiation factor and the promise that your company made to people should never be ignored for anything. Sometimes to complete your wish to become like your idol brand, companies forget their unique factor of differentiation which can help them stand out in the market.

#13. Convey a single brand message and a unified brand experience

The message that your brand wants to convey your audience, should be clear and single. More messages mean more confusion and people will never try to understand it.

A single message will always be remembered by the people and experience is the ultimate thing to grow your brand.

For example, Dettol soap is identified for protection from germs and that’s how we remember it. If it would have conveyed different messages for the same product, people will probably miss out some messages and it can confuse people.

#14. Simplify marketing over time and measure what matters

Marketing strategies are more when there is no audience and you want people to look towards your company. But with the growing time and business, marketing should be simplified to reduce unnecessary cost. You can invest that money somewhere in the development of your business.

Above are the tactics of the good digital marketing strategies for your startup that might help your business in becoming the center of attraction in the networking and marketing context.

And I don’t think you or anyone who reads this is going to miss any of these points while making strategies for business.