Local Search Engine Optimization

Need more local customers finding your business online? Then local SEO is for you.

Do you own a business that has a physical location and is largely dependent on local customers? If your website is not optimized for local search, then you are missing mammoth opportunities with each search. To reach the consumers where they are looking for, you should make sure that your website optimization strategy includes sites and or listings that provide specific information highly relevant to individual needs in a target market or geography.

At Effectual Media, We provide locally targeted search optimization, marketing and listing management for national and regional companies. Effectual Media will develop a customized local marketing strategy after knowing your goals and needs. We will use a combination of on-page and off-page techniques which will help in improving your online visibility and attract local qualified traffic to your site.

Local SEO Services Includes

Keyword Research:
We will fine and analyzed keywords for your local business to choose the best geo-specific keywords for you to target based on relevance, commercial intent, search volume and competitiveness.
Onsite SEO Optimization:
After recognizing your keywords, the next thing we focus on is optimization of your website for local search. We can make changes in your site to enhance your local search ranks. This includes adding Geo-related data in all relevant areas of webpage such as page title, headings (h1-h3), anchor text and page content.
Location Pages:
We will place local street address and phone number on all the pages of your website. Apart from these, if you are running business from multiple locations then we will create a page on your website specific for each physical location. This way, potential customers searching for your business in a particular region, city or state of the country should be directed to the appropriate page.
Google+ Local Page:
In this step, we will set up and optimize Google+ Business/Local page and implement rich snippets to improve the appearance of your search listings.
Geo Sitemap:
We create KML sitemap to let search engines knows local address of your business and submit into Google Webmaster Tools.
Review Strategies
Reviews play a significant role in local search ranking. Its importance is invaluable and is been underrated by many but not by us. We pay special attention to reviews and can help you find the suave review sources for your business. We can suggest some practical strategies to get positive reviews from your customers and we can also help you to deal with the negative reviews with glory in case if there are any. Further we can update your website to prompt your clients to easily review your business.
Rich Snippets:
Rich snippets can make your web pages appear more prominently in search results. We install rich snippets on your local business website; we prepare microdata formats for Postal Address, Product, Place, Events, People and Reviews etc.
Local Citation Building:
One of the most important factors to improve your local rankings is the volume of citations that your business profile has. Local Citation is not considered backlinks, but is still a great ranking factor and source of traffic for your website. In this step, we manually list your business on the citation sources and optimize your presence on local directories including Yelp, CitySearch, Yahoo, FourSquare and more.
Local Review Strategies:
Reviews play a significant role in local search ranking. We can help you to maximize the reviews from your customers to benefit both your search engine marketing and customer confidence in your business. We can suggest some practical strategies to get positive reviews from your customers such as adding buttons / badges to website.
Local Link Building:
Local link building is different than the standard link building and it requires special actions. To send local signals to Google we will find local link targets and industry specific targets to make sure you fall in the right search result criterion. Sending the right signals will help you to enhance your local search result ranking.
Mobile Website:
Google has already testified that it is important to have an appropriate mobile website by reporting that 40% of the consumers turn to a competitor’s site if they experience trouble with mobile websites. So we also offer to create a beautiful mobile website that is focused on driving and converting web site visitors into customers.

Local SEO Setup Pricing:

Local SEO setup is not like Monthly SEO; here you only need a one-time SEO Project and fee. This setup will help you to position your site in such a way that it receives most possible search engine traffic without the requirement of performing on-going monthly work.

This setup will also create a foundation for future SEO work and serves as the first step for an advanced Monthly SEO project. Performing on-going monthly basically helps you to rank higher for more competitive and both local and non-local keywords.

Local SEO Setup
USD $300
Turnaround Time
1 Month

Contact Effectual Media for a local SEO strategy tailored exclusively for your business.