Search Engine Optimization Services

Only advanced Search Engine Optimization strategies will help your website appear on the 1st page of the top search engines for the targeted key words. Internet is widely used by a large number of people to search various products and services, but with over 300 million websites on the internet, and the number growing every day, it becomes very difficult for them to locate your website unless it adequately matches their search words. Answer these questions and you will know why do you need professional SEO services: Is your website visible on 1st or 2nd page of Google, Yahoo and Bing for the keywords representing your business or industry? Do people recognize your brand as a leading one in your industry? Will you benefit from increased online sales?

At Effectual Media, we will combine different SEO techniques to design customized optimization strategy for your online business, which will meet your specific needs and budget. The difference between professional and unprofessional SEO services is the difference between being found and being ignored, increased sales and remaining stagnant, success and failure. Our SEO campaigns are designed to provide results and help your company enjoy increased ROI.

Simple rule of SEO is, Higher Visibility = More Traffic!

Our SEO Consulting services include:

SEO Strategy Development
We will evaluate your current on-page optimization, link development strategy and the strategies adopted by your competitors to develop your SEO strategy, which will match your needs and budget and deliver a long term success.
SEO Audit
We will thoroughly analyze your website’s on-page optimization to recognize the problem areas where immediate improvement is needed. As no two industries and even businesses are similar, we understand that every website is unique and we undertake the audit accordingly. You and your team will be amazed to see what we find during such audit through the report presented by us.
Keyword Analysis
Keyword research and analysis is often considered at the most tedious task of the search marketing. However, our team is very smart and efficient at performing this research and analysis. Once the analysis is done we will use the competitive keywords to divert the traffic to your site.
Onsite Optimization
Onsite optimization is all about enhancing the speed of the page using technical support. This is also helps in knowing your website’s current relevance and authority. Once we know the status of your website’s visibility and relevance, it can be targeted towards specific keywords.
Content Development
Content of your website is very important when it comes to SEO. We will develop content for your website where competitive keywords will be strategically placed so that search engines can find your site easily. The content will be grammatically correct and carry a useful message.
Link Building Audit
While performing the link building audit for your website, we will communicate with you as to what is helping your website and what is hampering it. Such audit will help us in defining customized link building strategies for your site to acquire quality links.
Link Building
Link building strategy is used to gain back links from relevant and authoritative websites. Our link building strategy is very aggressive and we will only target the top websites that are popular, high ranking and reputable from your particular industry.
Analytics and Management
Analytics and management is the way of knowing which strategies are working for your website and which are not. We make the analytics repots using the tools like SEOmoz, Google Analytics, Raven and Webmaster tools, to measure the performance of keywords, page views, bounce rates etc. And then depending upon the report we will frame new strategies to move forward.

Your search for the reliable, fast and accurate internet marketing company ends here. We provide end to end services to make your website not only attractive and user friendly, but also highly visible on search engines. Contact Us Now to know how we can help you!