SEO Audit Report

For your website to get a better ranking on search engines, it will first have to go through more than 200 different tests contemplated by search engines. There will be a number of small tune-ups and changes that you will need to make in order to ensure your website has the best possibility of making it to the top of search engine and achieve online success.

It is true, if you are not on first page, you practically do not exist in the sight of your viewers! SEO Audit Report is about precisely analyzing the website and its search engine compatibility. This report will help in framing the strategies to rank on the top of search engines and divert the relevant traffic of the target audience to your website. This will help in materializing your future online marketing efforts, your return on investment and your improved natural search ranking.

At Effectual Media, we focus on finding actionable and measurable ways to help your business achieve high goals through SEO. We remain flexible while concentrating on the areas you are most interested in. Our SEO Audit report provides a comprehensive SEO analysis, summary, and recommendations that can be implemented on website to improve targeted leads and search engines visibility.

In Details:

Effectual Media’s SEO Audit Reports come in a complete package that includes all the following aspects of any website: (Over and above this, we can include other aspects necessary for the optimization of your website)

  • Domain Analysis
  • Technical SEO Analysis
  • On-Page Factors Review
  • Information Architecture Review
  • Content Analysis
  • Backlink Profile Audit
  • Social Media Audit
  • Landing Page Review
  • Website Usability Reviews
  • Local targeting
  • Analytics Review
  • Possible Google penalty (Panda/Penguin)
  • Short-term & Long-term Action Items

Our SEO audit reports will provide you with in-depth information regarding how the SEO performance of your website can be improved along with necessary recommendations.

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