Infographic Design & Promotion Services

Infographics are very effective in graphically representing information. Today, Infographics are widely used to describe data, information and knowledge. Infographics can display complex information in a very simple and logical way to attract viewer’s attention, and that is the reason why they are a big hit on internet especially on social media. More than 60% of the data shared on social media sites is through Infographics.

At Effectual Media, We prepare dynamic Infographic designs, which have tendency to lure the attention of viewers. Our Infographics visualize all the information such as ideas, subjects, facts, questions, statistics, issues and other forms of data with least use of words. This way your message is portrayed in a very amusing way, making it easy to digest and rapidly shared by your community. Infographics have repeatedly been proven to be the best media to increase relevant traffic to the website and play a very important role in ultimate brand exposure.

In simple words the infographics created by us are stunning and very useful to attract thousands of visitors and hundreds of SEO friendly links, which convert visitors into goals.

Our Infographics Design Process

  1. Gathering Data: Collection of your data, information and statistics; Brainstorming on the Infographic ideas; Researching the market for more information and protocols of the industry; developing a great content whilst keeping in mind the
    target audience.
  2. Building Wireframe: Develop the wireframe for initial sketches to send to the client for review. This will not be the final design, but it will enable us to discuss profoundly with the client to reach an agreement.
  3. Design Infographics: This includes designing all components of infographics like charts, graphics, illustrations, etc.
  4. Promotions: Promote Infographic through various social channels and add the Infographic to your blog, write a press release etc...

Infographics is a wonderful way to engage your audience – for a long duration. Moreover, it appeals to the people of all age groups.

Get in touch with us today to craft a beautiful and powerful Infographics that gets your company results!