Craft CMS Development

Boost your impression with craft CMS.
"Craft a content which builds a relationship. Relationships are built on trust, and Trust drives revenue."

Craft is content-first CMS that empowers clients to easily manage their content even after launch. It is a magical box that comes with endless flexibility, robust, intensive time developing, real-time support, user-friendly with special API integration and WOW design.

At Effectual Media, we bring together all creative effort into one whole to bring a bonanza for your company. We will build you astonishing website by taking your project goal, project scope, competitor, and KPIs factors into consideration.

Create remarkable footprints on your client with our services:-

  • Design and develop your own HTML, or create a content API
  • Rebuild and optimize the existing website.
  • Customize your content
  • Third-Party system integration
  • E-commerce for craft CMS
  • Extend the core functionality with the Rich plugin.
  • Building custom posts types, including blogs
  • Optimizing for search using the SEOMATIC plugin
  • Handling responsive images using transforms
  • Building for alternate displays, including MailChimp email, RSS and AMP

Are you ready to give your business a jump-start? Build an inviting and intuitive website with craft CMS.


We not only sell goods and services but believe in building a long-term relationship. Give us a call to start the Conversation.