9 Actionable Tips for Advanced SEO Optimization


In this new era where usage of internet and smartphone have reached the new heights, where SEO plays a major role in order for the researchers to get accurate results for their search.

In last five years, there has been a rapid growth in SEO Optimization, where SEO has played a critical role in showing the researcher results differently based on their locality. Now the question arises to you, does your SEO strategies gives you better optimization rates?

Here designing of your strategies plays a major role. However, it is not on the approach that you use, but getting a better customer feedback on your local landing page would end up you generating valuable content for your site. The problem is how to be successful with your SEO techniques. The following tips will help you for generating better and actionable results for your SEO optimization.

#1. Finding Broken Link Building Opportunities on Wikipedia

You might wonder why the approach of finding broken link building on Wikipedia gave so much importance because no webmaster wants their visitors to get directed to 404 page or Non-Operational page.

We have seen in Wikipedia too, when a link is dead they do not directly remove it, instead, they add as footnote beside the link as a dead link. In order to run a given campaign on Wikipedia link building, you need to first understand the context on which you will be working. As this technique can be amazing and successful and yet can be dangerous too.

Finding the broken link building opportunities on Wikipedia is one of the powerful and scalable white hat techniques in order to build your site.

How to discover broken link building?

Firstly, all you need to do is type simple search string on the search engine:

site:wikipedia.org [keyword] + “dead link” in order to find the dead links present for the keyword or article that you’re looking for.

This will direct you to the dead link resource in Wikipedia that you were finding for. Then you can visit the page which is relevant to you. After finding the dead link you can always recreate the links by yours and thus be running a successful campaign.

For SEO Optimization, this can be one of the greatest tactics in order to generate better results when searched by a visitor for knowing things based on their location.

#2. Keep Updating, Upgrading and Republish Old Blog Posts!

Come on! No one likes an old keypad phone handset when you are given choice of a new smartphone in front of it. Human is fast in adopting and consuming beings, they like being updated and upgraded with new technologies around them. So instead of writing a new post instead, it’s a better idea to add in the existing post and update the number and figures in the older post and again republish them. This would automatically grab the attention of your previous viewers but also add some new viewers to your old post and thus increases viewership of the post.

How to make it work?

  • Make sure that the older post has got maximum attention by the viewers
  • You can update the existing post and republish it
  • By sending emails to the previous viewers you can let them know about new post
  • Post it on your various social media sites.

And by this, you will find a great change on your landing page by simply just updating the older post.

Isn’t this tip pretty cool and amazing?

So what are you waiting for? Try it right away!

#3. Copy AdWords Ads to make eye-catching Title and Description Tags!

In order to get more clicks on your page, you must have good Titles and Description tags because they are the one attracting the researchers to come and visit your page. If they find them to be somewhat boring then you will definitely lose your opportunity even though if you have a good site.

Everyone knows that compelling title and description tags can lead you to generate a good traffic.

But the question still remains how would you know what are people looking for and what they want to click?

We have tip especially for you!

Look at that keyword that you are searching on AdWords Ads and you will find a great number of completions. Split test with your keywords and thus decide the best one for your page!

The Split test is used for maximizing your result. So all you need to do is copy the keyword from AdWords Ad and keep it as your title and just see users click on your page!

#4. Manage your Content Marketing


Just by building a good content to your site won’t help. It is pretty much important to also do the marketing of the content. The major problem faced is the weak content assistance. All you need to build in is benefiting focused content assistance or curation keeping in mind what audience wants.

How is it different?

Based on visitor’s requirements various benefits can be availed:

  • Greater outcomes and traffic
  • Increase in landing page size
  • Faster results
  • Increase in link building
  • The perceived value of your content increases
  • Higher ranking by organic search results

All you need to do is manage your content marketing and wait for the results!

#5. Voice Search Is Calling

For  SEO optimizations, where they have all the customers present locally Google is no giant tech but just a search engine. People have a habit of doing multiple tasks together and they use voice to search for finding a place nearby.

Voice search is a faster way to search than typing. For example, a person will do a voice search for finding restaurants nearby and the search engine will simply give them a list of restaurants. In such a case SEO plays a major role. So as voice search has limited information, SEO can definitely take an opportunity in order to build good page.

#6. Videos Will Still Rule


You might know visuals have a longer effect on the person than words. Videos will always have a long-lasting effect on a person and will get easily viral than a blog!

Videos keep the audience engaged and entertained so it will help you in increasing your page ranking. So all you need to do is build a good video with your content.

YouTube can be the best option where you can write 200+ words description with your video. This description will help you in link building with an audience as you can convey your message with this video and content.

#7. Build Local Editorial Links


Not only by building local citation and reviews will help you get more clicks, it is also important to focus on building local editorial links. All citation follows the outbound links which tells Google not to crawl on your site.

In addition to the citation, you should also have nofollow tags as your local editorial links. So you can write different blogs based on your website or your industry this will directly reflect on your page by “nofollow” articles.

Being a locally based company your motto will be to generate highest clicks on your page locally, so what the SEO does is help you by building such local editorial blog links or article links to your page. Thus it will help you boost click rates to your page.

For example, if you a researcher in IT domain. You can always post “write for new technologies in IT field” than by allowing the writers to contribute to it, thereby building the local editorial links to your page.

#8. Measure Your Traffic


You have done a lot of hard work on your page building, content, videos and everything. You feel you have given your best, of course, you have! But it’s always good to check back on the work you have done by knowing your results.

How to achieve your desired results?

By simply measuring the traffic generated on your site. Here the traffic indicates the click rate on your page. By using tools as Google Analytics and Webmaster you can always come to know about your search traffic. If you get a good amount of traffic on your page and then it’s evident that your hard work on SEO campaign is certainly doing well.

#9. Branding and offline marketing for SEO

Now you must be wondering if I am going for an SEO campaign why would I go for offline marketing. Then we can suggest you according to the traditional way of marketing people can get attracted easily. If you take outdoors, TV ads, newspapers, radio, etc. can be a great source of help to your business. If people would have seen your ads on any of these platforms they are likely to get attracted and visit your page. Thus increasing your clicks and turning your SEO campaign a success. It’s a perfect solution in which you can have this equation:


Isn’t this idea amazing?

According to the research, there are 40 % of the increase in your page landing through offline branding and promotion of your product or business.

SEO optimization is really easy to crack if you take these actionable advance tips. So what are you waiting for, apply these simple tactics on your SEO campaign and see the results.