10 Unorthodox Links Building Methods to Help Boost Your Site’s SEO Ranking


You may have tried common link building techniques such as asking for backlinks, guest posting, submitting your site to directories, and even started blogging. But this didn’t help out much.

So let us discover why you are failing in getting results in search engine result pages. One of the reasons is because the competition increasing day by day in order to get top in organic search.

How can you excel in site ranking?

All you need to do is think something out of the box in order to build good results of your site in search engine. However you would be wondering, I have tried everything possible and still not getting most out of it.

Then you don’t need to worry. You can try following 10 uncommon methods that can for sure get you a link and bring awareness about your brand, also help you boost your site’s SEO ranking. I am sure you will get marvelous results from these little techniques only if you use them wisely by practicing them.

#1 Recover Dead Links

We all had faced this problem named as “404 page” while surfing on the web. And while encountering such page, what we all do is simply exit those pages. But you can gain a backlink to your website from such pages.

How to gain advantage from those links?

While finding information on the internet if you find such page, contact webmaster of that website pointing their dead link and suggest them a useful and relevant piece of content from your site.

If the webmaster found your content convenient then you will not only get a backlink to your site but also will succeed in building a healthy business relationship.

#2 Turn your mentions into backlinks

This method is one of the easiest methods in gaining backlink. You don’t need to put much of your efforts. Most of us think if your website is mentioned somewhere then definitely we would have got a “do follow” link. Unfortunately, this not the case every time your name or brand is being stated by others.

In such case, you reach the editor and ask him to put a link to your website where your site is mentioned.

How to find out who mentioned you?

You can use tools like, If This Then That (IFTTT) is a great platform and it provides multiple features, or Mention, or Google Alerts, to discover who mentioned you in their post and then reach them through an email asking to convert mention into a link to your site.

Isn’t cool and easiest way, just like getting a free stuff?

#3 Create Visuals

Lots of people prefer going for images or video for gaining information they require instead of text. In fact, some sources state that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text. Visual content is much more appealing than text-based content. In order to spread your message to those people, you need to have visuals too.

How to get a link from visuals?

  • Create visuals such as images or infographics that best describe a concept or strategies. Bloggers on finding such useful visual will definitely use in their content and you can get a link from there or you can reach bloggers who love to share infographics. Go for any situation it will result in win-win situation
  • Use Google reverse image search to find out people who are using your images but not linking to you. Just like sending webmaster email to get links, you can use the same method by sending emails to these peeps asking for a backlink.

#4 Create Audio Content

Audio content can also provide you a great opportunity in obtaining backlinks. It is easily made compared to a long blog post. Though blog has their own place it takes a lot of time and effort to create one. Whereas in audio all you need to do is speak.

What you have to do?

  • Create Podcasts on a topic you are an expert.
  • Look out for several podcast interview opportunities available for you in the web world. This interview participation will help you building various links to your sites and getting you benefit in order to appear your site on high authority website.
  • iTunes is also a great source for getting a backlink. You can use this platform to share your content.

#5 Host networking events

You can host an event either online or offline.

How to get Link through Offline Events?

In this virtual world, the SEO sometimes miss out those real world opportunities. You have to host an event where relevant people or groups from industry meet up. This technique will automatically help you in building a platform and contributes in getting referrals from attendees.

If your event becomes a great hit then you are likely to get natural link opportunities as people will start talking and discussing your event on various social media sites, forums, and websites. This is one of the unique and uncommon ways of link building in order to get higher ranking to your site.

How to get Link through Online Events?

You can organize a contest on your website like website design contest. In this way, you can acquire quality links from the people who participated and the one who won the contest.

#6 eBooks and Newsletter Subscription!

You have been longing to reach to the big audience and don’t know what will really work? Then don’t worry eBooks and newsletter subscription is the solution.

You must be wondering how this works?

All you need to do is get an eBook published in a marketplace with the lowest price.  Amazon might actually charge you up to $0.99 minimum. If you want to publish for free go for Smashwords.

The thing you need to focus is it should have an eye catching title and get four to five-stars rating for your book in order to get the maximum readership and then you see the magic happening to your site.

You have to just place your website on the cover pages of your book and you will see the links getting connected to your site and creating the traffic to your site as you always wanted.

Publishing newsletter can also benefit in increasing traffic and number of links from your subscribed users.  You can place a call-to-action in a newsletter such as offering discounts, coupons, eBook, or signup for webinars. And you are done.

#7 Skyscraper Techniques

If you don’t have much budget or connections to get a link, Skyscraper technique can be your savior.

Now, you might we wondering what this technique is.

It involves 3 steps.

  • Find the significant linkable content in your niche.
  • Modify that content and create much better up to date content.
  • Outreach to people who had already linked to content you improved.

Brian Dean has mentioned in his post “Link Building Case Study: How I Increased My Search Traffic by 110% in 14 Days” why this technique work so well.

#8 Use Powers of Social Media

Nowadays social media is gaining popularity. People like to share or tweet things they like or find useful. If your content is not indexed but shared by many users than it gets noticed by Google, furthermore index it and determine its quality and rank accordingly.

How to use its power?

  • Place social share button on your post which makes it easily shareable by others
  • Create a tweetable quote with click to tweet option and place it in your post
  • Look for quote opportunities. If you are quoted somewhere ask them to put a link to your site.

#9 Link Bait.EDU and.GOV Links

.Edu and .gov are the high authority sites in eyes of Google. Getting a link from such sites would boost your ranking in search engine result pages. But getting a link from such site is not easy as it seems.

How to earn links from educational and government sites?

  • Blog commenting on such sites
  • Lending Scholarship to University Students
  • Create a post mentioning best blogger of educational or government site
  • Using resource pages in specified niche as linking building method
  • Taking advantage of alumni news
  • Local resource pages
  • Offer discounts to University
  • Improve a section of a site

Read this “This Advanced Guide to Link Building” post by Neil Patel to learn how to apply this link obtaining tactics.

#10 Mine Question & Answers Sites

You can dig the top most Q&A sites such as Quora and Yahoo answers to find out the topic to which you can provide a valuable answer. Now, you have a subject. Create a blog post that is easy to navigate and understand, provide in depth information with good presentation.

Post that blog in that question response with a link to your site. If you nail the right room, and people who viewed your post found it a helpful source of information, voilà, it will become a steady source of traffic on your site and will help you uplift your ranking.

Did you find these ten tips amazing and useful for boosting your site?

Then what are you waiting for!

Just start implementing them and soon you will see remarkable results on your page ranking.