9 E-Commerce Link Building Tactics to Try in 2018


Link building for e-commerce is not an easy task. It is one of the engaging topics for SEO’s when it comes to building a correct strategy in order to hit the bull’s eye for e-commerce. In today’s millennium remaining ahead of your competitors have become mandatory for all websites. Here are some tactics that an e-commerce can apply to remain ahead in the competitive scenario.

Missing out on clicks?

Here we have the most refreshing ideas picked up from the old ones and applying them to the current trends, in order to get more clicks to your e-commerce site. So, whether you are a new site or an existing one if you are going to miss out on clicks, you are definitely going to miss out on your sales.

But as we know now PPC has become really costly. We present you few techniques of link building for your e-commerce website. Here are 
9 e-commerce link building tactics to try in 2018.

#1. Just ask it out!

By just asking out you can actually solve many problems. The easiest way is to ask the manufacturer about what product they sell on their site. Help your customers by building various links on for email, the phone call in order to add valuable links to your customer. Because if your customer is happy then you are the one winning from your competitors.

All you need to do is, do not limit yourself to the manufacturers only but instead be innovative. Find out if there are other software available in the market, are they having testimonial linking pages.

#2. Complementary the products

This technique is just like adding a cherry on the pie. You need to think about the products which can be paired together. For example, if you are selling shampoos you can always complement it with conditioner. So, ask your manufacturer if they can work on it together. It will help the customers and the manufacturer as well.

You can always build a campaign on it, where you have offers on the complementary products available. This will definitely attract the customers and will hike your sales graph too. This technique is like hitting two darts from a single arrow.

#3. Use Infographics

Infographics work as the best solution anytime. Now you must be thinking, it is really outdated, why anyone would even go for it now. Especially when you are in a sector like e-commerce selling.

Then, you must get correct yourself for this statement because it really works, whether you believe it or not. Infographics serve many purposes to the customers such as:

  • It becomes really confusing for customers to decide for the perfect product that fits their requirement out of the numerous options available. For this infographics is the best solution.
  • It is one the most amazing linkable assets. According to Majestic, you can link around 63 external links to your infographics. So you are not only helping customers to clear their confusion, but also increasing your conversion rates.

#4. Product page contests

A contest is one of the coolest ways to grab the traffic to your site. When are you heading an e-commerce site then, why not take a chance?

Instead of making a separate page for the contest, run the contest on your main page only. This way number of visitors will become aware of the contest. We know it is little difficult to build in for the same page, but this technique where you can actually nail your competitors. Because such websites are generally very basic so it does not give other people a reason to link their page to these sites.

Run a contest on your main page. Give your blogger a fine reason for running the contest, so that they can pen down in a most appealing way. A precise and appealing blog will help you captivate customers to take part in your contest. Thus generating you a huge traffic

#5. Researching on your competitor

All you need to do is keep an eye on your competition. Just plug into their website with the help of Open site explorer or any other link tools. With the help of this tool, you can find out from where they are getting links and start doing the work in your own way. This will save your time which you can invest in finding out new possible angles to outrank your competition. You just have to remember as long as you are clean and providing them good content, it’s all right. But don’t get in low authority or spammy site list

#6. Product Reviews

In exchange for review get in touch with bloggers and send free products to them, ask them to include the link within the review. This way it gives your brand a chance to appear in the viewer’s sight and also draws traffic to the website.  The bloggers must be reminded about the disclosure of receiving free products. This tactic will also help create the link building for E-commerce websites.

#7. Get Links From Category-Specific Competitors

Resource page link building is one of the most remarkable ways of extending your e-commerce site. There are more than hundred links, which would be broken or need to be updated on a regular basis

If you have time to find such broken links and tell the webmaster, it will add value to your page by outreaching the more audience. However, it is not important to resource the page of a broken link for e-commerce you can also do it by other several ways. Such as providing a specific category for the products you sell.

Just write an email to your manufacturer to give category specific content about the product and these will help you boost your sales.

#8. Found expired domains! Purchase them.

Did you ever think this way?
Expired domains can be one of the greatest and value-adding resource to your business. Firstly you need to purchase such domains and then redirect it using 301 redirects to your site, and just see the tornado of links with it.

Isn’t it one of the easiest and splendid technique, right!

#9. Set up a Forum

Being in these social media age, it turns out to be really important that everyone understands how communicating is extremely important. The digital marketers should understand that when users interact with your brand on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter they are also distracted by the post of their family and friends. Other than online shopping people use social media for entertainment purpose also.

The forum is one of the most stunning transit to this problem. You can create your own a forum on your own page, this way customers can communicate about your brand and it also helps in retention of customers. From the help of social feedback you can also improve your site and update it as per requirements this will definitely generate you traffic.

Aren’t these simple tips really easy to apply for your e-commerce sites?

It’s a no secret, better the backlinks better will be the organic search results. So what is the wait for? Just start applying them and see the results.