Best Practices for Call-to-Action


Let us first understand what is call-to-action plugin and how does they help us?

The call-to-action are specifically designed as one of the inbound marketing strategies. These strategies help us in best practices for converting visitors into customers and thus generating lead to our website. Call-to-action is one of the best ways to convert the irrational website visitors to active visitors by email subscribing or text messages.

These have got other benefits too like you can always keep your eye by monitoring how many people visited your site and have clicked the button for a call to action. You can track the conversion rates using A/B test.

So how would you know whether the call-to-action plugins you use are good or not?
If a user wouldn’t find the button from where to fill the form or buy now, they are likely to get distracted and move to some other sites, thus making you lose your valuable customers. These are some of the following call-to-action strategies which will help you in boosting your business. If not optimized properly good content and huge traffic are just a mere waste!

Here are some of the effective ways of using WordPress plugin

#1. Subscription Pro

One of the best ways to increase your bounce rate is to do Email subscription. It will not only give you a huge information but also would give you high traffic and conversion ratio. WP Subscription plugin helps you to easily create an email list.

WordPress Subscription Pro becomes a prime plugin for any blog as it supports Feedburner, MailChimp, and Aweber. The other great feature is that you can provide visitors with suggestions of another related blog article which might be of the visitor’s interest and will drive him/her to visit the suggested pages or blogs. Thus in a way you are doing internal promotion of your other blogs too.

#BonusTip: Amazing in and out pop up comes with sidebar widget, use effective animation and highlights and get a subscription of the visitors. These should be in enough size with readable font size.

#2. Use Urgent Language for Call-to-Action Bar

As we commonly know that language and content used on your site need to be the best in order to catch the attention of the consumer. So urgent languages used below helps us to bring more customer, by diverting their attention on call-to-action bar, such as:

  • Subscribe
  • Call now
  • Buy
  • Register
  • Hurry up

Such languages used on the site just draws the visitors attention and encourages them to take action on the page.

If you want your visitor to take immediate action on your page, used the need of urgency phrases such as:-

  • Order now to receive a free gift
  • Order now and get cash back
  • Offer expires tonight
  • Bumper offer on this product

This is one of the effective strategies to create more traffic on your page and thus landing to lead generation.

#3. Social Share Buttons


The world is going crazy on social media, which have now integrated into our daily routine.
Social share button can be considered as one of the free promoting tools, because if the visitors like your site or blog they will definitely share on their social media page. Isn’t that exciting that you are getting a promotion about your site that too for free by visitors?

By this method, you are getting a good social content and your ranking will also increase on Google. Social share Button has many hidden benefits like converting visitors to the user and the users will bring more users from their network and thus increase the traffic to your site.

P.S: Good Content with social share button will lead you to more shares and higher ranking of the blog or site.

interractive button

#4. Use Interactive Buttons

Simple buttons such as Like, Dislike, Comment, Chat, Print, Download, Forward, etc. can make your page look really attractive and appealing.

Visitors love the site which has such features than a page which does not have such call-to-action button because such button makes their work easy. If they don’t find such appealing buttons on the page they tend to switch to other pages and you might lose one of your valuable customers.

When you use WordPress Plugin this provides a wide range and amazing set of call-to-action, around 200 Icons with 8 colors and 2 different styles available. This buttons also on hover will change icons opacity with CSS transaction. What can be more wonderful than this?

interractive button

#5. Use Contrasting and Attractive Colors


Colors can be one of the most effective ways of drawing the attention of the visitors. If you visit a site which is too colorful and stressing your eyes you are likely to switch over, instead use decent and contrasting colors which interest the visitors, because infographics play a great role nowadays.

Highlight your call to action button by differentiating them with the other colors of the site. If your call to action color is not visible to eyes no one will take action on the page, so it becomes extremely important to have proper colors on sites and call-to-action buttons.

The contrast and alternative colors to your page are like “Cherry on Pie” and adds value proposition to your website.

interractive button

#6. Make the Size Bigger


We have often seen that client demand for a bigger size all the time, which irritates the web designers a lot. Though we know size isn’t the only one element there are other features such as white space, position, and the color which play important role in drawing the attention of the visitors to take an action.

However, we cannot deny the fact of size. The bigger the size of call-to-action button the better it is to get noticeable to the visitors. Thus leading them to take action and generate lead to the page.


#7. Each Page should have a call-to-action


Do not restrict yourself by keep call-to-action just on the home page. In fact keep call-to-action on every page, these will generate their interest and your leads to the site. If the visitors find the call-to-action as a dead end they will move towards another site without responding to your call-to-action button.

You should not keep the call to action in the same position, instead, make it more attractive with a different position and features on different pages. If you keep all call-to-action on one page they might tend to lose interest instead try with other linked pages of your site too.

This small call-to-action on every page will lead you towards your ultimate goals and give you a great return on investment to your page and high traffic will defiantly attach with good ranking and lead generation.

Aren’t this tips really amazing and helpful?
Then what are you waiting for start using these new techniques and WordPress Plugin to make your page look more exciting and attractive to your audience?