Reasons why Businesses Benefit from Blogging


Business blogging is a marketing tactic that every business uses to increase its business growth. Blogging is a way through which a business gets connected to their customers and can educate them directly about the products. A good blog gives the visitors reason to visit your website frequently. Also, a good blog increases the conversion rate of the website. 

Here are some ways in which a blog can help your business-

#1.It helps to increase the traffic

A decent and an informational blog helps to drive traffic for your website. The ones who type the name of your website and search for it are the audiences who already know about your website. An appealing blog is always a good way to generate new traffic because the prospects who visits your website needs some sort of information about your business this thing can be explained to them via blog. Blogging also helps you to appear in the search results of social media. Whenever a blog is written it can also be shared on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest which helps the business to get exposed to new audiences.


#2.Strengthen relationship with new customers and develop relations with the old ones

It helps in strengthening the existing relation with the customers. By connecting directly your clients can know your business and products and this also leads to generate trust and deepen the connection. This works well with the existing customers whereas for the new customers this is an approach to develop new relationship. By answering the questions or by responding to the comments of visitors you can attract new customers. 


#3.Educate your customers

Here I did not use the word ‘sell’ rather I used ‘Educate’. Selling should not always be the end goal of any business. Educating the customers/visitors is a subset of increasing sales. Now before taking any sales decision a customer visits and compares different sites half of the information he gets from the blog that is published in the website. Educating customer is often overlooked but it is the most important thing to increase customer retention. Customers today are over saturated with many business ideas, so it is very most important not to lose the sight of your customers for this you will have to educate your customers about your products.

*Facts on blogging: –

  • 81% of companies consider their blogs “useful,” “important,” or “critical.”

    (Source: Hubspot)

  • 61% of U.S. online consumers have made a purchase based on recommendations from a blog.

    (Source: BlogHer)

#4.Helps to cover traffic into leads

An effective blog sends signal that your business is still alive and well maintained. It also helps to increase brand loyalty further increasing the conversion. Every log post is a new way of generating. You just need to add a lead generating call to action to your blog post.

*Note- Not every time traffic will be converted into leads so there is no need to worry. Just keep blogging and try to improve your visitor conversion rate each month.

#5.Adds credibility to your website

A quality blog will add a vision and mission of the brand and help to develop a digital consistency. By engaging people in your blog, you make your customer trust your brand. By optimizing it for search engine the blog will reach to new clientele and attract new customers. Because of blog people tend to trust and understand your brand precisely.

The graph in the blog written by Rick Burness shows


Blogging has now become an influential trend for a business. If done effectively it can give good results to your website and will also lead to improved ranking. So, for what are you waiting? Start your own blog now and wait to see the results.