The Guide to Local Content Marketing

Local content Marketing

Content marketing requires a heavy time and investment. A quality content is always necessary to improve the SEO of the website. Here, in this article we have come up with some one of the most relevant and easy solutions to Local Content marketing technique, which are really easy to apply and will help you to increase your traffic and ranking tremendously!

For that let us first understand,

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is one of the most powerful and long lasting strategies if you really want to remain in the top most position of ranking.

How is it possible?

Thanks to Google and other search engine which keeps on changing their algorithm and the fresh content are always welcomed with a higher ranking. These strategies are highly used by bigger brands and companies, but it can be a very useful technique if it is applied to local brands and searches.

Because majorly people go and find the local business, places, restaurants, hotels, etc. on the internet, giving local brands a bigger opportunity, but with a threat of tough competition too. One of the ways of effectively expanding business and attracting more clicks through better ranking is through content marketing strategy.

Local Content Marketing has a bigger advantage when compared to global brands, as their targeted brands are hyper-targeted geographically. They actually don’t need to rely on all viral and broad potential, instead, all they can do is nail themselves in the local market to deliver resources, news, information, services and offer utility to the consumers.

What should be the objective of Local Content Marketing?

Broadly speaking, there might be many objectives for good local content marketing. Here, are some of the goals which a local business would love to have, such as:-

  • Attracting traffic to your site
  • Creating and increasing brand awareness
  • Generating more and more links
  • More social media shares

So, now you have a defined set of objectives which you want to achieve. A good campaign is the one which will help you to achieve your goal. Content marketing itself requires a heavy time and investments. All you need to do is prepare a good strategy in order to grab the attention of the local audience.

Here we have few tips which will actually help you in creating local content marketing strategies.

#1. Find your Local Audiences

Most of you reading this retail might already have a group of local customer who is using your product or service. Now there will be a question in your mind who is my target audience who are willing to use my product or service?

How to reach the audience and how to retain them?

Here we have few amazing tools and techniques which would help you to identify your local audience.

Facebook Insights

facebook insight

Facebook Insights is one of the unique tools which will help you understand the buying and thinking behavior of your local audience short knowing their perception about the product or service.

How useful is it?

  • It gives insights about engagement to your post or tool. It bifurcates by showing you results on the daily, weekly and monthly basis, which actually helps in a kind of analyzing your local audience.
  • It has a feature of geographical dividing, which helps you in knowing from which area the highest responses are coming.
  • By investing a few dollars, you can take up a kind of survey of a particular geographical area that you wish to and know about your audience interest, Facebook will give you analysis about it.

Google Keyword Planner

One of the fabulous tools used for market researchers. By using the same data of Facebook Insights, you can match the keywords and also determine the volume against a keyword. This way we can come to know of which words actually engaged and attract the customers. Also, helps significantly in knowing their buying behavior.

#2. Analyze and Choose the Right Keywords

Check whether you are using the right keywords or not. These keywords are the one which is going to attract the audience and get traffic to your website. Google AdWords is one of the best keyword planner tools; you can search for keywords you are willing to put and pay close attention to the keywords that are commonly used. You can also use local keywords and landing pages in order to find and target paid search.

#3. Create Effective Brand Image and Videos

People often get bored of writing, so one of the effective ways is to show them some images and videos in order to keep the audience engaged with your website. As we all know ‘A picture says a thousand words’ so why not use this tricky technique and grab the maximum attention of the audience. Create a solid brand image by creative videos which appeal the audience.

#4. Keep Varying your Blog Content

It is not necessarily that local business should always write blogs about who they are, what is their product or service, what offers they are providing to customers. They can always move ‘Out of the box’ by writing some impactful and useful topic for a local audience such as:

  • Top 10 amazing site seeing places in the city
  • Top 5 gyms around the city
  • Top 5 classic restaurants around the city
  • Top 5 clubbing places nearby you

This type of locally targeted content will make you get easily up ranked

#5. Get Involved Locally

Networking always works. Now you must be wondering what has to local content marketing do with networking?

Here, we have the answer to your curiosity.

Keep a track of news and events happening around the city and you can include them in your content, this story might not certainly relate to your product or services, but you are just grabbing the attention. You can also comment on such news stories or event and share your viewpoint on it. In this way, you can also talk about others business which is not your niche and divert audience to your website link by simply sharing a URL in the news story’s comment.

#6. Publish Content on Your Website

publish content

It is always the great piece of work to publish your own website with eye catching content. It is one of the greatest SEO techniques in a way to get heavy traffic to your site. You can always link your article with others and get audience visit it. However, you might not have a great social build a fan following and visitors to your own website. But if you have good and effective content your website might just take your business to new heights!

#7. Publish Content on another Website

It is not necessary to publish your story or blog you should always have access to it. You can find different blogs or story and write your blog or comment it as the free blog. But generally, due to such common practices, they do charge you something for this free blog so you have to write an amazing article in order to inject heavy traffic to your website. This will generate a great lead to not just your site but also your business.

#8. Take advantage of Google Analytics tool

Google Analytics is a tool where you can monitor your blog published on your site or another’s site.
You can measure the traffic and conversion rate to your site or blog. Make sure your content piece having links should be tagged by Google URL builder in order to easily identify them. You can also keep a note on which dates the blog published and traffic engaged in it for the time being.

In Google Analytics there is a source, in which you find “traffic source”, then you can certainly use this keyword in your content, and you can see magic to your site. This traffic source shows the commonly used keywords by customers while searching.

#9. Refine and Repeat

This is one of the most important steps which sum up everything. You have to do all these above mention points which also include other things such as Launch and promote, create a calendar, launch events, audit and analyze measure and report, and develop tactics. Everything goes in a continuous cycle, which is called refining and reporting continually in order to get success. These are how local content marketing strategies work

strategic plan

These are few most effective techniques you can use for local content marketing. These will give you lead generation to your website and business which might surprise your eyes, and you might become one of the famous brand or company in town. So are you ready to implement this technique and see the change in the number of traffic to your site?