WordPress Plugins That Use A.I/Machine Learning


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the buzzwords of not only tech but business circles as well. All major domains from personal computing, to imagery, to file management and so on. All major experts from various industries believe that machine learning and AI will help in making business processes all the more effective and efficient.

For the folks who feel Machine Learning and AI need you to be a Ph.D. of some sort, you are not exactly correct. These upcoming tech philosophies can benefit you in many aspects, you are yet to imagine. To understand their benefits, you need to understand what they are.

According to Arthur Manuel, an MIT alumnus who coined the term Machine Learning – it is a subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without explicitly programming them to do so. Whereas, with the usage of AI a computer system can replicate the decision-making capabilities of a human being by closely imitating the exact human process of reaching a decision. In short, both these technologies are meant to simplify the human decision-making process by automating most of the work.

For those who believe, these technologies are yet to touch the most common grounds, here is a list of some WordPress plugins that exhibit usage of AI and Machine Learning:

#1. AI. Mojo


This open source plugin makes WordPress and AI tool that can understand the context of information stored. The tool promises to arrange the information in menus and link lists contextually dynamically on a website, such that it can change as per the user’s usage of the website.

This happens because AI Mojo is based on a method of providing tags called AffinitomicsTM. Affinitomics is a tagging technology, wherein you use a logical structure to tag all the elements on your page.

For instance, if you are talking about a St. Bernard dog on your page, you will put in tags like – dog, K9, children, eating, cars, cats etc. Now, amongst these tags, there are some which describe the subject (Descriptors), some which lead to certain characteristics of the subject (Draws) and some which are negative keywords of the subject (Distances).

So, when using Affinitomics, you will use the same tags this way – dog, K9, +eating, +children, -cars, -cats. Also, to add preference of weight age to these tags, you use numbers – dog, K9, +2eating, + children, -cars, -2cats. This way, WordPress will understand the context of your tags.

My Thoughts:

It sounds really cool, and the best part about it is that it is free. The problems being, it hardly has 60 users and next to no reviews. Plus, the plug in is based on AffinitomicsTM, which itself has not been updated since past two years. Adding to it, it is an open source plug in, so it is very optimistic to expect decent user support.

Download AI. Mojo

#2. Kindred Posts


It is a great tool for people who are always on the go to search for new content to be put up on their websites. Kindred simply works like an analytics tool on your website that tracks user behavior through their journey on your website, and then based on what they did/read, suggests you what kind of content you should be writing to retain the user and attract similar ones.

In short, helps you know what kind of content is working for you. It can be integrated with Google Analytics, and hence can provide a much more detailed view of your user’s behavior.

My Thoughts:

The plugin is free to use, and based on a donation system if you do like it. The major thing being – do you really need it? For anyone who is extensively good with Google Analytics, it is not extremely difficult to know what kind of content your users are consuming on your website. Plus, if your website is an informative one and largely static, the plug in is not for you. Also, the plugin has 100+ downloads, which means it has not been tested by a large group of website owners.

Download Kindred Posts

#3. Quttera Web Malware Scanner

Quttera Web Malware Scanner

The plugin works on your website and gives you information on malware, Trojans, backdoors, worms, viruses, shells, spyware and other threats as well as JavaScript code obfuscation, exploits, malicious iframes, malicious code injection, malicious code obfuscation, auto-generated malicious content, redirects, hidden eval code and so on. The plugin also helps you know if your website has been blacklisted by Google’s algorithm or by any other blacklisting authorities.

My Thoughts:

It works on a freemium model.
Price: $119/annum

This roughly comes down to $10/month. Looking at the kind of security it promises to provide, it is not bad at all. Also, all the plans include 24 x 7 support and an initial response of 8 hours as soon as any malicious activity is detected on the site. Definitely worth a try, if your website has reached a level where it is handling a lot of data and is vulnerable.

Download Quttera Web Malware Scanner

#4. WatsonFinds


It is by the far amongst the coolest of plugins out there, on WordPress. WatsonFinds uses IBM Watson to analyze your content and give you a report of what is the emotion it is communicating in percentage form.

  • The emotion can be any of the five: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust or Fear.
  • It provides a live timeline under your text which helps you understand the emotional standing of your content and what emotions it will stimulate when a user reads it.
  • You can simply alter the words in your content, and see the percentage score change.

It is a very promising plug in, but is relatively new and yet to find its exact user base. It is only six months old and is yet to be used by many of the successful WordPress developers.

For now, it is free and is hence worth a try. The team promises a paid model soon and might shift to a freemium model. That said, the best part is, that it requires no account or log in to the website; a simple install on WordPress would do.

Download WatsonFinds

#5. Akismet


Most of the viral content on the net is plagued with spam comments, where people try to tag along with the popularity of the viral source. This can be irritating for a WordPress developer since you are the one paying for the storage space and the one who has crafted the content. Akismet, which is used by more than 3 million WordPress users:

  • Scans through your comment section and filters any such comments which qualify as spams from their database.
  • Adding to this, it gives a visual distinction to the website manager over what kinds of comments look suspicious and spamming. This way, it allows you to discard any comments which are inappropriate and spamming oriented.

My Thoughts:
Price: Base model is free. There are two more extensive plans available at $5/month and $9/month.

The plugin has got some great reviews and ratings, along with a huge user-base, the largest on this list. Their pricing is free for personal blogs and paid for businesses and commercial websites. This way, if you have just started a personal blog, it is worth a try and any which ways, if your website is handling a lot of user interaction in the form of comments, this plug in deserves a shot.

Download Akismet

#6. Live Chat and Chatbot


Live Chat and Chatbot plugin help you to handle an unlimited number of customers all at the same time by offering a customer support and online chatting service in order to handle their queries and solve their problems.

The intelligent Chatbot has programmed in such way that it observes your conversation as you communicate with customers and then learn the pattern and implements it, making your work easy.

Plugin built upon the knowledge base and acts on its own by delivering the most relevant answers to the customer’s question. While in the background a natural language processing engine gets connected to the questions with the most relevant keywords and generates automatic question and answers sets.

You also have the facility of switching between live bot and robot customer service agent in case of some question asked by the customer not present in the set. Isn’t this really amazing thing?

Download Live chat + chatbot

#7. Client Relations Factory


This is one of the most amazing plugins which integrates WordPress with Client Relations Factory virtual robot platform. The main function of Client Relation Factory allows you to publish customer service robot on your site with a chat box and also an animated character which interacts with your customers in an autonomous way.

My Thoughts:

You can also customize the robot in your way and feed the data you want to. You can make changes and even update them based on their learning experience. There is an option available to you wherein you can also manually update the knowledge gained during the conversations. The virtual robot helps you in providing information to your clients based and can also identify their needs. They tend to make your life easy by supporting and engaging the customers in their own unique way.

#TIP: Try using this plugin if you want to create interesting and fun on pages such as Contact Us and FAQ on your sites.

Download The Client Relations Factory Plugin

#8. MyCurator


MyCurator is one the smartest plugin because you can train it. MyCurator throughout the day constantly works in background delivering interesting, usable and optimised content to you. Most interesting part is, this tool enables bloggers to find articles and customized to your audience very quickly, effectively and through a constant period of intervals.

It separates out the irrelevant and not so important stuff that is present in Google alerts or RSS notifications. The voting system is also available where you can vote using like and dislike thumbs up buttons.

My Thoughts:

Training of this plugin is so easy that the algorithm will begin to find more material which is useful to you in your post. You can also set up content automatically and will browse the web while you are not around.

Download MyCurator Content Curation Plugin

#9. WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration


This one of the most intelligent software made that combines Darwin Pricing and WooCommerce plugin. The function of Darwin Pricing software is enabling you to run geo-targeted campaigns with intelligent prices, after doing an analysis of real-time market examination with optimized techniques. The optimal geo-targeted promotions make sure of your success in all the cities where you actually sold your product.

So how does it work and results in success to you even though selling your products in various cities? It’s really simple, what Darwin Pricing software does is gathering all the pricing data from your competitors and then through Artificial Intelligence algorithm it statically analyses and offers the best discount to various cities without having an impact on the global margins.

My Thoughts:

This optimal pricing strategy helps you in boosting sales, revenues, profits and traffic to your site. It can also offer coupons and discount to a various city for various products by Artificial Intelligence algorithm.

Download WooCommerce Darwin Pricing Integration Plugin

#10. Did You Mean


Have ever been resulted to a page from Google or any other search Engine if your keywords are not in their database it would show Did You Mean or 404 page?

Did You Mean is one of the smartest plugin which intelligently handles all 404 pages. This plugin works when there is no activation of the page or no admin settings for the page.

It is like a conditional loop which appears only when it has to display 404 pages. Instead of showing the dead or inactive pages it offers the visitor the closest or similar pages as search results on basis of the post the users ask in the URL bar.

This plugin even helps in correcting the typos by the visitors and offers the correct pages for their search. It makes users work easy and gives the user-friendly recommendation to the visitors.

Download Did You Mean Plugin

One thing to remember here is, be it AI or Machine Learning, processes still require human involvement. This technology can make decision making faster, easier and more effective, but will always require human input to avoid any unwanted externalities.