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Hiren Ponkia is the founder and CEO of Effectual Media, a full-service internet marketing firm specializing in SEO, advance link building services, web design and development.

How to Relocate Your Small Business Without Losing Visibility

Local SEO

If you are a local business, chances are that you’ll move to another location. If you do, moving itself isn’t an easy task by itself. Further, it brings in other problems you may or may not have foreseen. Moving locations affects your citations, Google+ local page, and can be a potential SEO nightmare.

As if SEO wasn’t hard enough, moving brings a host of new problems related to SEO. As E A Quinn of Read Below the Fold points out, moving causes address inconsistency, which in turn causes:

  • Drop in rankings
  • Duplicate listings appearing in the search results
  • Incorrect listings appearing in the business listing sites like Internet yellow pages or local search engines
  • Drop in authority caused by duplicate listings diluting your presence in local search results

Here’s what you need to do when you decide to move, or if you’ve already moved to ensure that your SEO efforts don’t go abortive:


Creating Custom Homepage Template and Magento

Banner Blog

We have requested to create custom homepage template for Magento site. It is also really useful to give different look and feel of static pages of Magento site.

The most of Magento Websites you will come across the homepage is normally a different type of layout to the rest of your pages. Magento by default does cover this quite well by different templates like 1 column, 2 columns left 2 columns right, 3 columns etc…

So most of the designer chooses to have 1 column for homepage and the 2 columns left for all your inner pages depending on design. But in our case product page is also a 1 column layout. Also Homepage template has a load of customisations like sliders, featured products etc.

In this article, we will learn how to create custom homepage template and other CMS pages templates in Magento and we’ll look at the rendering of layout files.


Content Marketing Blues: Why Small Businesses Just Don’t Get It?

Content Marketing
The transmission and consumption of information has changed over the years, and the fact that most of us carry our worlds in our pockets on our smartphones is a testament to that.

With social media taking the center stage, everybody has a voice today and small businesses should seize this opportunity to have them heard.

Unfortunately, statistics paint a dismal picture. Most small businesses have not yet been able to establish the importance of good content marketing.

The North America Content Marketing Institute’s 2013 B2B Small Business Content Marketing Trends have some shocking things to report. Only 5% of Small Business Marketers rate their content marketing efforts as very effective. Most content marketers would baulk at these figures.

This, however, is the stark truth. Small businesses often struggle with their content marketing and here is why. (more…)

How to Transfer Google+ Local Reviews

google-revieGoogle is now truly coming out with new update which turns out to be blessings for businesses which have relocated or planning for it. Recently Google has allowed moving reviews from one Google map listing to another depending upon certain protocols.

Many businesses used to think that it will hamper their brand and be disastrous for their business, if they decided to relocate or move. The primary challenge that they faced was how to transfer the reviews from their original map listing to a new map listing – it was as stressful as starting a new business altogether. However, Now Google will move your reviews to a new map listing and merge it based on the following criteria: (more…)

Effectual Media Launches New Website

Effectual Media Site
Effectual Media takes a great pleasure to announce the launch of a new web-site!

This is a momentous year for our company – Effectual Media, as we have taken a big leap from being an off-page SEO agency into a full service Internet Marketing Agency, covering all four areas: Web, Search, Design and Mobile. Our new website will do the justice at displaying what we are capable of creating.

The hard work of many months has finally paid off and the results are simply astonishing. We are very excited to share this with all our worthy partners, staff, clients and the world at large.

Our new website provides user-friendly experience, exquisite navigation and functionality. The website is designed using innovative responsive technique, meaning it can adjust itself for all the devices starting from the desktop computer to smart phones and tablets giving the same fascinating experience on every device. (more…)