WordPress Plugins That Use A.I/Machine Learning


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the buzzwords of not only tech but business circles as well. All major domains from personal computing, to imagery, to file management and so on. All major experts from various industries believe that machine learning and AI will help in making business processes all the more effective and efficient.

For the folks who feel Machine Learning and AI need you to be a Ph.D. of some sort, you are not exactly correct. These upcoming tech philosophies can benefit you in many aspects, you are yet to imagine. To understand their benefits, you need to understand what they are.

According to Arthur Manuel, an MIT alumnus who coined the term Machine Learning – it is a subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without explicitly programming them to do so. Whereas, with the usage of AI a computer system can replicate the decision-making capabilities of a human being by closely imitating the exact human process of reaching a decision. In short, both these technologies are meant to simplify the human decision-making process by automating most of the work.

For those who believe, these technologies are yet to touch the most common grounds, here is a list of some WordPress plugins that exhibit usage of AI and Machine Learning: (more…)

Contact Form 7 | How to Hide Validation Errors on Hover

Contact Form 7 Validation

Contact form 7 by default handles validation quite well; the form displays validation error messages (e.g., on leaving required fields blanks and submit wrong values on email etc…)

But problem is validation error don’t disappear even after you filled all required fields with corrects values. Even you filled field with correct information, validation boxes messages stay in place and create confusion for user. Ideally when user click back on field then the validation message should disappears.

This post describes how you hide the validation error messages that Contact Form 7 produces. (more…)