What do Successful Content Marketers Do to Make LinkedIn Work for them?


500+ million professionals! That is the number of users on LinkedIn.

Over the years, the platform has not reached the levels of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and the likes, but it continues being a professional network and has its own merits (let’s not get into the demerits here).

The first and the foremost benefit that LinkedIn offers is a fixed user demographic. This reduces the number of steps and efforts for content marketing whizz, who are doing what they are already good at on the platform.

Let us step into their shoes and follow their footsteps on the social networking channel: (more…)

Top 10 Mistakes Businesses and Brands Make with Social Media


Social media has become a great tool for organizations to take advantage of. It can be used to interact with customers, engage with potential users, and bring traffic to the website. More than 90 percent of organizations are socially online today.

If your social media strategies are not yielding you much result then surely you are making mistake. But don’t worry. In this post, you will learn about the most common mistake done on social media and also how to overcome it. (more…)

WordPress Plugins That Use A.I/Machine Learning


Machine learning and artificial intelligence are the buzzwords of not only tech but business circles as well. All major domains from personal computing, to imagery, to file management and so on. All major experts from various industries believe that machine learning and AI will help in making business processes all the more effective and efficient.

For the folks who feel Machine Learning and AI need you to be a Ph.D. of some sort, you are not exactly correct. These upcoming tech philosophies can benefit you in many aspects, you are yet to imagine. To understand their benefits, you need to understand what they are.

According to Arthur Manuel, an MIT alumnus who coined the term Machine Learning – it is a subfield of computer science that gives computers the ability to learn without explicitly programming them to do so. Whereas, with the usage of AI a computer system can replicate the decision-making capabilities of a human being by closely imitating the exact human process of reaching a decision. In short, both these technologies are meant to simplify the human decision-making process by automating most of the work.

For those who believe, these technologies are yet to touch the most common grounds, here is a list of some WordPress plugins that exhibit usage of AI and Machine Learning: (more…)

10 Unorthodox Links Building Methods to Help Boost Your Site’s SEO Ranking


You may have tried common link building techniques such as asking for backlinks, guest posting, submitting your site to directories, and even started blogging. But this didn’t help out much.

So let us discover why you are failing in getting results in search engine result pages. One of the reasons is because the competition increasing day by day in order to get top in organic search.

How can you excel in site ranking?

All you need to do is think something out of the box in order to build good results of your site in search engine. However you would be wondering, I have tried everything possible and still not getting most out of it.

Then you don’t need to worry. You can try following 10 uncommon methods that can for sure get you a link and bring awareness about your brand, also help you boost your site’s SEO ranking. I am sure you will get marvelous results from these little techniques only if you use them wisely by practicing them. (more…)

Shopify Apps for Online Scheduling and Reservations


With over 500,000 stores online, Shopify is a platform that helps you develop a fully functional ecommerce store within hours. So, if you have ever thought of selling a product or service online, Shopify is the tool to change your idea into a flourishing business.

Do you want to allow your customers to book an appointment from your Shopify site? Such businesses may include live events, salon and spas, recreational centers, sports facilities, in person coaching, home services and so on. For such businesses, Shopify has a large variety of apps available for booking appointments.

In this article, we will take a look through Shopify online scheduling and reservations apps. (more…)